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Throughout the years that I have been practicing astrology, I have witnessed inumerable instances of ancient astrological techniques greatly improving people’s financial lives.

Many of my friends and clients have saved failing launches, expotentially grown their email lists, and dramatically increased their revenue through heeding the counsel of the stars.

I have advised clients to wait for the proper planetary alignment to launch a course, and watched them earn double what they expected as a result.

Many business owners and coaches have also sought my advice on potential new clients or partners, and I have enjoyed seeing those relationships flourish.

More and more, business owners and entrepreneurs are turning to astrologers for advice.

And they are right to do so. Believe it or not: Ancient astrologers designed astrology to help your business.

For the ancient astrologers of Babylon, Egypt, and Greece, the art of astrology centered around prediction and concrete outcomes.

Believe it or not, ancient astrologers didn’t merely write horoscopes in newspapers. Traditionally, astrologers have populated the courts of the powerful and the entourages of the wealthy. Throughout history, nobles, kings, sages, and emperors have all coveted the sacred pronouncements of the astrologers.

Our oldest recovered star chart - Clay Tablet K8538, c.a. 3120 B.C.E.

Our oldest recovered star chart - Clay Tablet K8538, c.a. 3120 B.C.E.

In fact, the very discipline of astrology found its conception in the royal courts of Babylon - atop massive ziggurats built for the purpose of charting celestial motions and hearkening to the voice of heavens.

Utterly disinterested in the psycho-spiritual journeys of the commoners, the Babylonian astrologers single-mindedly applied their craft to crushing their enemies and overflowing the nation’s coffers with silver and gold.

And over a period of two thousand years, they developed the most reliable system of divination for steering any ship of state in the right direction.

That’s the kind of expertise you might want on your side.


For those who would enjoy and profit from working more closely with an astrologer, I provide two different kinds of personal coaching services.

Paideia is a greek word meaning “education” but also “personal development".” These programs center around delivering the transmission of astrology and empowering you to employ astrological techniques in your own life and business. Through Paideia, astrological concepts and techniques are learned and applied in the context of your own natal chart or the chart of your business.


Praxis refers to “what one does” both in the sense of one’s occupation and one’s life purpose. This avenue of coaching focuses attention onto the practical aspects of your business, using electional astrology, synastry, horary, and transits and time-lord techniques to maximine the productivity and efficiency of your business.