April 2019 Astrological Forecast


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April Motions of the Moon

We start this month off fairly well with the moon conjoined Venus and Mercury occupying Pisces. The Moon is a triplicity lord of Pisces, and

The new moon this month in Aries will create powerful momentum and initiative for engaging in new tasks and setting intentions. The sign of Aries already has a tacit new-moon energy, as it embodies the soul’s raw desire to create and initiate. A cardinal sign par excellence, any new moon intention-setting ceremony performed in this sign will have added power.

The moon occupies Taurus from the 6th to the 8th and Cancer from the 11th to the 12th. Activities that promote harmony, community, and emotional well-being will be supported in this time. Any emotionally charged conversations will have a safer and more fruitfal container during these periods.

The moon occupies via combusta and then its fall in Scorpio from April 18th to the 21st. The moon occupies its detriment in Capricorn from the 24th to the 25th. These are poor times to make any major decisions.

Sun and Venus – Planetary exaltations abound

Two planets occupy their place of exaltation this month: Venus and the Sun. Venus and her significations of friendship and compassion flourish amidst the waters of Pisces. The deeply empathetic and intuitive characteristics of Pisces provide ample opportunity for Venus to work.

The time that she spends here will support any endeavors related to deepening relationship or creating more beauty in the world. While she occupies pisces, actions related to fostering and developing friendships, meeting new lovers, creating beauty and artwork, and expanding one’s capacity for compassion.

Likewise, Aries, as a sign of initiation and dynamic activity strongly support the Sun, which provides the vital life force and represents will and ego. Contained with the masculine domicile of Mars, the sun is given full reign to shine and express himself for who he is.

The Sun is the “Self” in the most complete sense of the word. Traditionally, astrologers associated the sun with one’s individual drives and motivations, as well as one’s destiny. When the sun is strong, activities that relate to personal development, clarifying one’s mission and life purpose, and in general reconnecting with one’s self and one’s truest desires all flourish.

On April 12th, the sun will perfect its square to Saturn with another whole sign square to the moon. The energy will be most intense on this day, but the effects will be felt for about three days before and after.

Any difficult Saturn-Sun configuration like a square or an opposition can create strong feelings of self-criticism or create circumstances in our lives that make us question or doubt ourselves. With sun in Aries, some of these doubts will feel more personal and salient than at other times.

At its worst, such a configuration can bring depression and strong dampening to one’s vital life force. People who find themselves prone to depression and melancholy must take extra steps during this time to ensure that they do not identify with the negative self-talk that arises. But if we utilize the energy of this period properly, we can allow ourselves to become more reflective and deeply scrutinize our motivations and examine whatever makes us tick.

Notes on Other Planets

Saturn and Jupiter still occupy their rulerships of Capricorn and Sagittarius. On April 14th, Jupiter will enter into its retrograde period for the year. Any large financial decisions should be completed before then if possible. The Jupiter retrograde period, though not as expansive and lucky as its direct period, does provide space for reflective work: if you are a business owner or self-employed, the Jupiter retrograde period

Saturn will turn retrograde on April 30th. Before that time comes, ensure that your house is in order – pay your taxes, double check that all your bills will be taken care of, and finish any clerical, organizational work that you may have been putting off. After that, it will be harder to find the momentum to structure our lives.

Amongst other things, Saturn teaches us mastery of our domain – complete control over our kingdom and our lives. During the retrograde period, we will have the opportunity to examine the parts of our lives where we feel out of control. Meditation, prayer, and journaling on how to “grow up” and assume responsibility over our lives will be blessed by the Saturn retrograde.

Mars leaves his detriment of Taurus and enters Gemini on the first of this month. Mars in Gemini creates more energy for the exploration of ideas. Learning and  cultivating the mind will come easier during this period as the energy of willpower is occupying an air sign ruled by Mercury. This will be a stark difference from mar’s placement in Taurus. Many people – especially those in whose charts Mars occupies a prominent position, will feel as if shackles or weights have been released from them.

The first half of the month, when Gemini’s ruler occupies Pisces, will take more of free-formed tone. On April 17th, Mercury moves out of its detriment into Aries, and forms a mutual reception between Mercury and Mars. This is an especially good time for quick intake of ideas and concepts. If there is a body of knowledge that you have wanted to dive into for awhile, this several weeks of mutual reception will be the time to do so.