June 2019 Astrological Forecast


Motions of the Moon

The motions of the moon through the signs of the zodiac have the most material, concrete affect on our moods and the situations in which we find ourselves. In other words, the most has the greatest impact on the concrete details of our day-to-day lives. For this reason, I like to devote time at the beginning of these posts to discuss her motions in detail.

We start this month off well enough, with her occupying Taurus on June 1st. While the moon is balsamic and the lives of people born during this time will exhibit strong 12th house themes, the conjunction with venus will help to uplift the general mood.

The new moon takes place on June 3rd in Gemini. As always, the new moon will indicate the beginning of a new cycle, and new moon rituals during this period will be especially effective if the intentions set revolve around the theoretical and mental. Since Mercury is also in Phasis in gemini during this time, the intellectual/heady feeling of this new moon will be particularly noticeable.

The moon occupies her domicile of Cancer from the  4th to the 6th, Any period where the moon occupies dignity like this signifies good fortune. However, on the 4th and 5th the moon will be applying a conjunction and an opposition to mars and Saturn, respectively.

For this reason, the good fortune may be peppered with some interpersonal aggression and disagreement (Mars in Cancer) and feelings of being restricted, especially in the workplace or some melancholy (Saturn in Capricorn).

But on the 6th, these two aspects will have separated on the moon will apply her sextile to Venus, a much more straightforwardly positive time. This is an auspicious day for beginning group projects or engaging in activities that promote community in general.

From June 13th to the 14th, the moon will occupy Scorpio. Like last month, the mutual reception between the moon and mars, each debilitated, will make for a difficult couple of days. The moon will be in Capricorn from the 17th to the 20th, which will likewise be very restricting due to the presence of Saturn in Capricorn. Neither of these periods are good for any major action or decisions, and should as much as possible be spent in quiet contemplation.

Regarding important aspects the moon makes: she will be trine Jupiter from the 7th to the 8th, and sextile Jupiter on the 11th and the 12th. Those last two days, however, will also feature a T-square between the Moon, Saturn, and Mars.

Major Configuration – Saturn, Mars, and Mercury in opposition

We will be experiencing one of the more difficult aspects in astrology this month: an oppositition between Saturn and Mars.

Dedicated readers of my forecasts will remember the Saturn-Mars square from January of this year. The types of events that manifest are very similar, though in this case Mars occupies his fall (cancer) as opposed to his rulership (Aries), and astrologers generally consider the opposition more difficult.

The Saturn-mars opposition creates strife and turmoil – an oscillation between feeling apathetic and experiencing quick bursts of energy that burn you out.

Those will planets in cancer – especially the moon – will experience patterns of aggression and anger coming to the surface. This is a time when people can’t help but devote a lot of inner energy towards fighting imaginary battles with other people.  The aggressive nature of mars drives us to feel like we need to defend ourselves, and the cold nature of Saturn closes us off and makes us withdraw inwardly.  

There are several different periods to aspects in ancient astrology. It starts out as a testimony relationship, which is less strong but slowly intensifying. From the 10th, to the 16th  the aspect will enter into sunaphe, which is within three degrees of being exact. This period, especially when the aspect perfects on the 13th, will be the point at which it is felt most strongly. This is a very bad time to do any elections or make any important decisions. On the 17th the aspect will enter the aporroia period, and will be all being grounding what we learned from the aspect into our everyday experience.

What will make this opposition particularly unique will be the introduction of Mercury. Mercury will enter into his own testimony between these two planets as they are in a sunaphe. Mercury-saturn perfects on the 15th, mercury-mars on the 18th. Mercury guarantees that this opposition will not just be an internal thing we feel – we will express it and share it with people around us. The dynamic of the opposition will be verbally expressed and enter into the public eye very easily. This isn’t something that can be hidden.


Several ingressions occur this month to watch out for:

Venus will leave her domicile of Taurus and enter into Gemini on June 9th – heralding a transition from appreciating more physical beauty into the beauty of abstractions and interpersonal connection. Romantic partners will be less intimate, though more talkative with each other. While Venus is less dignified in Gemini, her host Mercury is currently an evening star and thus of the nighttime sect, and so she is in the place of her sectmate.

Mercury moves into Cancer on the  5th. Here we have another instance of a planet leaving their domicile, but Since Mercury is of the nighttime sect, he is also in the place of a sectmate. Mercury in cancer fosters an disposition within us to enjoy communicating about emotions and sharing more emotive-experiences with loved ones. The proclivity is much less abstract and theoretical, preferring to explore the realm of feeling. It can also be easier for rational thought and logic to become swept up in one’s own moods during this time.

After this, Mercury moves into Leo on the 27th. This period is marked by a heightened desire for self-expression and creativity. When Mercury occupies Leo, Mercury’s association with the verbal word (as opposed to just “thought”) comes to the fore. This marks an excellent period for self-promotion. If you own a business, sales and marketing strategies will be more effective for the three weeks that Mercury occupies this sign. On a personal level, this will be a good time to practice expressing what we are actually feeling and thinking without making recourse to social norms or environmental constraints.

Last, The Sun enters into Cancer on the 21st, marking the solstice. The zodiacal placement of the sun, representing the life force and Spirit, shows what the big-picture focus of our lives will be. When the sun occupies Cancer, an emphasis on community and shared experience comes to the fore, as opposed to Gemini which emphasizes theoretical communication and abstraction. For this reason, many communities and cultures have used this period as a time for celebration, festival, and the cessation of work.