May 2019 Forecast


The Motions of the Moon in May

The motions of the moon through the signs of the zodiac have the most material, concrete affect on our moods and the situations in which we find ourselves. In other words, the most has the greatest impact on the concrete details of our day-to-day lives. For this reason, I like to devote time at the beginning of these posts to discuss her motions in detail.

We start this month will a balsamic Moon in Aries, Balsamic or dark moons have strongly Saturnian elements and signify people, patterns, or situations in our lives falling away. Though this loss ultimately comes in order to make room whatever must come in the next lunar cycle, the experience of loss itself is still painful. Astrology allows us to prepare for these moments with grace. The dark moon will be intensified by its square to Saturn on May 2nd.

The next new moon takes place on May 4th in Taurus. The new moon in Taurus is particularly special since the moon is exalted here. The strength of her placements helps magnify the power of any lunar workings or ceremonies will. As always, use the new moon to set new intentions, in this case preferably involving things related to material wealth, gain, and emotional well-being.

The moon will be in her exaltation from the 4th to the 5th and cancer from the 8th to the 9th.  Activities that promote harmony, community, and emotional well-being will be supported in this time. Any emotionally charged conversations will have a safer and more fruitful container during these periods, though be mindful on the 9th when the moon perfects her square to Saturn.

The moon occupies the via combusta and then its fall in Scorpio from May 16h to the 18st. The scorpio period will be especially difficult because of the mutual reception between Mars and the Moon, who are both very debilitated and were traditionally considered to be inimical to one another. The moon occupies its detriment in Capricorn from the 21st to the 23rd. The 22nd will  be the most challenging as the conjunction to Saturn perfects on that day. These are poor times to make any major decisions. As much as possible, be still.

Planetary Ingresses

The Sun now occupies Taurus. Although The sun has no essential dignity here, this is still considered a powerful placement for him since he is on the 10th sign from his domicile of Leo. This power is most easily noticeable in people who have a Taurus sun: they generally have a level of confidence and acceptance that other sun signs don’t access as easily.

On May 21st, both the Sun and Mercury entered into Gemini. On this day, Mercury will be Cazimi the sun in his own domicile. This is a very powerful position for Mercury. Arabic astrologers described a Cazimi planet as “sitting upon the throne of the king.” If you own a business, this is a wonderful time to make big sales or any decisions that you hope will net you more profit. Networking and Marketing campaigns will flourish during this time as well.

This positive Mercury energy will continue for a couple days after the Cazimi, and then become dampened until Mercury makes Phasis next month (15 degrees away from the sun). Mercury in Gemini is generally an excellent period for business owners and entrepreneurs, though this year it will be less powerful than usual since Mercury is under the beams of the sun or combust.

Think of the Cazimi as a trade-off: we have three especially extraordinarily powerful days at the beginning of this period, but the rest the Mercury in Gemini period is weakened as a result. But weakened or no, businesses have the potential to really thrive during this time.

Venus will leave Aries and enter into Taurus on May 15th. This is also very positive, as venus will be moving from her detriment into her rulership. When Venus is received by Mars, her significations suffer: lovers quarrel, musical and literary inspiration dries up, etc.

But when Venus occupies her own rulership, these significations flourish. The time that she spends here will support any endeavors related to deepening relationship or creating more beauty in the world. While she occupies Taurus, the part of Venus associated with Eros and physical pleasure comes to the fore. For people looking to have children, this is considered a fertile time.

Mars has occupied Gemini and will continue to do so until May 15th.  When Mars in in Gemini, learning and cultivating the mind will come easier during this period as the energy of willpower is occupying an air sign ruled by Mercury.

The mutual reception between Mercury and Mars will continue until them. This remains an especially good time for quick intake of ideas and concepts. If there is a body of knowledge that you have wanted to dive into for a while, this period of mutual reception will be the time to do so.

On May 15th, however, Mars enters into his detriment of Cancer. Classically, when the Moon hosts Mars in her sign she refuses to tend to him, since their natures are so opposite to each other. Because of this, all the significations of mars – willpower, ambition, raw energy – begin to dwindle.

You may find yourself inclined to stay at home more frequently, lacking in motivation. Mars in cancer also denotes repressed anger and resentment, so be sure to share feelings if needed and fight the urge to isolate and keep to yourself.

Addenda – Jupiter And Saturn Retrogrades

Saturn and Jupiter still occupy their rulerships of Capricorn and Sagittarius, but by now they have each turned retrograde.

The Jupiter retrograde period, though not as expansive and lucky as its direct period, does provide space for reflective work: if you are a business owner or self-employed, the Jupiter retrograde period

Amongst other things, Saturn teaches us mastery of our domain – complete control over our kingdom and our lives. During this retrograde period, we will have the opportunity to examine the parts of our lives where we feel out of control. Meditation, prayer, and journaling on how to “grow up” and assume responsibility over our lives will be blessed by the Saturn retrograde.

Take note of the houses which both Jupiter and Saturn rule. Chances are that some life experiences and situations related to those houses will be key topics for you in the upcoming months.