The Motions of the Moon - August 13th, 2019

While there were very few developments with the planets yesterday, today there are many. To start, the moon will ingress into Aquarius in the afternoon. While this is not the easiest placement for Luna, she does better for herself her than in Cap. Moon in Aquarius is similar to Moon in Libra insofar as it emphasizes socialness, community, and interpersonal interactions. It likewise makes people more prone to conversation and discourse.

Unlike Libra, however, Aquarius emphasizes the group dynamic. Whether at work or with your friends, more public get-togethers and meetings will be preferred to private, clandestine ones between individuals. This is an excellent time to get creative, throw ideas around, and in generally enjoy the intellectual headspace with other people. On the downside, it can be easier to unconsciously repress or ignore emotions during this period, so being mindful of that.


The moon is still hosted by Saturn – this time in his  daytime, masculine domicile as opposed to his nighttime, feminine domicile of Capricorn. While she cannot see him by traditional aspect, there is still a sympathy through homozonia, or “like-engirding” which means that they can see each other since they are in signs ruled by the same planet. Don’t expect as many overbearing people or experiences to come into your life as did when the moon occupied Capricorn.

The moon finds more support from other planets during this time as well. She will apply to an flow forth from an opposition to Mercury – you may find in your interpersonal interactions today that your head and your heart can’t completely sync up. Maybe you feel like you cannot express yourself fully, or that your thoughts and ideas are clouded by emotion. The upside to this is that the oppositional nature of these areas of our lives allows us to see each of them more concretely.

Throughout the day the moon will also apply oppositions to Venus and the Sun, but we will not feeling their effects most strongly until the following day. The sun-moon opposition will again create disharmony – we may feel like there is a standoff between what we want to accomplish and achieve and what our environment provides us. You may want to go off on your own adventure and run your own show (sun in leo) but your coworkers or family members or friends require to stay with them and being present to the group (moon in Capricorn).

With Venus opposed the moon, there may be tension or friction between your own emotional needs and the emotional needs of others around you. Don’t stop your own self-care practices, but the moon in aquarius energy can be a great opportunity to practice extending our own boundaries in service to others.

In the afternoon, the moon will conjoin the fixed star Altair. This is a great indicator for ease of speech and communication, and natives born with this placement generally have very sharp minds. The most active part of the social dynamic to Moon in Aquarius will occur in the earlier portion of the day.

Finally, Venus enters into her Cazimi period today, which will continue for two more days after this one. This is indicative of a great strengthening in the significations of Venus. Interpersonal harmony becomes much easier, and everyone gets a little more charming. Artists will find themselves with more inspiration now, and I highly encourage any artists or musicians with mystical leanings to do ritual and provide offerings to the planet Venus during this period.

Especially positive day for Natives with:

  • Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Leo

  • Sun or Jupiter in Sagittarius

Positive day for natives with:

  • Moon or Ascendant in Sagittarius

  • Jupiter in Leo

Tricky day for natives with

  • Mars in Aquarius or Taurus

  • Saturn in Aries or Cancer