The Motions of the Moon - August 11th, 2019

The moon will enter Capricorn around one in the morning eastern standard time. Like Scorpio, The moon in Capricorn is generally considered a difficult placement, since the Moon finds herself positioned opposite her domicile of Cancer.

The action of the moon is to bring in safety and emotional nurture. When she occupies cold, practical Capricorn, her more positive significations such as interpersonal connection and feeling at home are pushed to the side. We may all find ourselves in situations that require us to hold in our emotions, or where our own needs are put to the side for the sake of maintaining the status quo or preserving social cohesion. Feelings of shame are also common during this period.

The moon is helped by her application to Saturn, who acts as a guide for her during her journey through Capricorn. I’m not saying that the lessons and experiences you have during this time will be easy, but this does signify support and external guidance in facing those lessons.

Unfortunately, this is all the support that the moon receives during this period. While in Capricorn, she is averse to the planets in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius, since she cannot “see” them by a traditional aspect.


In other news – Mercury will Ingress back into Leo today around 3pm EST. With Mercury in cancer, our thought processes would very easily be influenced by our emotional states, and oftentimes bias and prejudice could color our perception without us realizing. On the positive side, we were more receptive and open to new ideas.

In Leo, Mercury adopts a much showier attitude. Mercury in Leo is a common placement in salespeople. If your job or your career involves sales in anyway, these next three weeks offer you the opportunity to really shine in this part of your life.

Mercury in Leo provides an influx of inspiration to our intellect – you may find yourself seeking out new ideas, experiences, and information because you feel drawn to them on a deeper level. Mercury’s copresence with the sun and his new applying trine to Jupiter also strengthen this disposition.

Lastly, Jupiter has gone direct today. While it will take a few days for this to settle in, we can expect the significations of this planet to take a more outward tone. This will especially show up if you run your own business – chances are you have been occupying a more reflective space about where to take your business over the last few months. Now that Jupiter is direct, you will have an opportunity to act on the ideas that you have considered.

Especially positive day for Natives with:

  • Sun, moon, or Ascendant in Leo

  • Sun in capricorn

  • Sun or Jupiter in Sagittarius

Positive day for natives with:

  • Moon or Ascendant in Sagittarius

  • Jupiter in Leo

Tricky day for natives with

  • Moon in Capricorn

  • Saturn in Aries or Cancer