The Motions of the Moon - August 12th, 2019

The moon will continue her passage through Capricorn today. Her one aspect to Saturn will perfect early in the morning and flow forth throughout the rest of the day. I liken “flowing forth” or separating to the period immediately after a large ceremony or meditation retreat: we’ve passed the climax of the physical work involved, but we still have to integrate the experience into life.

With the moon in this case, if you found yesterday that some Saturnine figures (just as bosses, spiritual teachers, overbearing friends) were at best helping to guide you through your work or at worse domineering over you, you can expect that to come to an end today.

For this reason also, any feelings of shame or pressure you experienced yesterday around not being able to be yourself or express yourself in public will begin to dwindle away today. Saturn is not as close to the moon to provide these kinds of experiences to us.

All in all, the fact that there is only one aspect occurring today to the moon means that we can expect a quieter day. There will be less interactions with other people, and if they occur at all it will happen in the privacy of our own home.

The moon applies to the fixed star Vega today in the early afternoon. Vega provides an outward calmness and stoicisim, but also some much needed inspiration and hope for the future during this Capricorn-Moon period. Especially Positive day for Native with:

  • Sun, Moon, Ascendantr in Leo or Sagittarius

  • Venus in Leo or Sagittarius

  • Jupiter in Sagittarius

Positive day for Natives with

  • Sun, moon, or Ascendant in Aquarius or Libra

  • Jupiter in Leo

Tricky day for natives with:

  • Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Aries, Cancer, or Libra

  •  Saturn in Cancer