The Motions of the Moon - August 18th 2019

The moon will enter into Aries around 1:00pm this afternoon, EST. While the Pisces moon was highly intuitive, receptive, and centered in subjective experience, the Aries moon will be more task-oriented and productive. Events and situations will arise in your life that spur you to action, especially if you have aries prominent in your chart.

The Aries moon is an excellent time to implement or initiate any plans or practices that you have wanted to stat - whether it be a new exercise routine or a new business model. However, the moon is averse to her ruler Mars during this period, who has just today ingressed from Leo into Virgo. This means that the moon will not have the support required in order for her to enact her significations and make a permanent change in circumstance. Let this period of implementation be a trial run - it may putter out after a little bit, but you will learn how to do it better next time.

The moon forms trines to Mercury, the Sun, and Venus in Leo and to Jupiter in Sagitarrius during her stay in Aries. We can generally expect positive support for the next few days from our environment, our coworkers, and our friends. Amicability will outweigh animosity. However, none of these aspects will perfect today - wait until tomorrow or the day afterwards to have any important meetings or make any important decisions, as the moon will have stronger support from other planets.

Today Mars ingressed from Leo into Virgo. While mars was in Leo, we may have all felt more self-confident and assured in expressing our and making ourselves heard. Chances are that you find yourself practicing taking up more space and being more expressive about your needs and wants.

In Virgo, mars’ energy becomes much more task-oriented and purpose-driven. Hosted by Mercury here, Mars turns his attention towards details and becomes a problem-solver. Throughout this period, our work ethics will improve and stabilize; more inspiration is present to complete all the small tasks required to keep a business afloat, a house clean and tidy, etc.

Mars cannot see Mercury, his lord, by whole-sign aspect until Mercury ingresses into Virgo next month. Until that time, you may not find the support you are looking for in enacting these significations. If you need help moving, or have a series of assignments to give to an employee, you will need to really push in order to get things done.

Finally, Mars has moved into the next sign but he is still technically under the beams of the sun. Expect Mars in Virgo situations and experiences to show up more in your personal, private life than in public. You may find yourself drawn to do a lot of tasks around the house more often than other things.

Mercury is in the final day of his phasis period. If you have an announcement or something you want to get off your chest to a friend, now would be a good time to do so. Business-wise, This is also a good period for ads and promotions, though it will not be as good as next month when Mercury makes phasis in Virgo.

Good day for

  • implementing new plans and strategies

  • making announcements / sending important messages

  • Networking

Bad day for

  • reflective, introspective work, journaling, etc.

  • Engaging in romantic pursuits