The Motions of the Moon - August 25th, 2019

Sunday, August 25th

We begin this week as the Moon continues her journey through Gemini. With the Moon’s presence here, our circumstances and moods begin to take on the character of the masculine, diurnal domicile of Mercury. Maybe you have been more on the move the past few days, or more social, or felt yourself inhabiting your mind and the realm of thought more so than usual. However it came up for you, these themes will continue until around 5:00pm EST, at which point she moves into Cancer.

With one exception, the Moon does not form any major aspects today. The squares she formed to the Sun, Mars, and Venus separated two days ago, and her opposition to Jupiter separated yesterday. Chances are that if you experienced any tensions arising in your circumstances from friends, coworkers, more generally between your own intentions and what can be reasonably accomplished, that will all begin to fade away and quiet down.

The one exception to this is the Moon’s host, Mercury, to whom the Moon will form a sextile early this morning. While this day may be a little quieter for you than the previous few days, you can still exception success and support in your endeavors, whatever they may be.  Since Mercury is combust, your experiences today are again more likely to take a quieter, less public tone.

Venus is in a bad way this week. She is combust the Sun, in her fall, not forming an aspect to her ruler Mercury. This will create some difficulties related to romantic partnerships and friendships – the social lubricant that is Venus will be missing or weakened from most interactions, and connection and productive interactions are harder to come by. Artists and the arts too will have less inspiration during this week, until Venus moves out from under the beams of the Sun and Mercury enters into Virgo to host Venus.

The Venus-Mars conjunction becomes exact this day. I have written earlier about how the Venus-Mars conjunction will bring more passion into existing romantic relationships, or bring new people together in a way that is very sudden. In general, this aspect can also make people feel things very strongly, though the fact that the aspect is finally perfecting in Virgo will ultimately channel this passage into something practical. You may find yourself enamored by a new craft, or by learning a new skill. Whatever it is you are experiencing related to this, it will reach its height throughout the next few days.

We cannot skip over the fact that this aspect occurs while Venus and Mars are both Combust. Combustion makes the energy or outcomes of a configuration hidden and weakened. Moreover, combustion can also be understood as a kind of rebirth or initiation – this pairs well with the essence of Virgo which already emphasizes self-development. Take this time as an opportunity to really scrutinize your behavior and assess what can be improved.