The Motions of the Moon - August 26th, 2019

Monday, August 26th

Today the Moon moves through the first half of Cancer. The Moon is highly dignified here, as she administrates this sign and serves as her own host. This is an excellent time for emotional exploration, for nurturing and being nurtured, and for caring for our bodies and homes. Take a salt bath, write in your journal, and do some tidying. This is also an excellent time for conversations and interactions that require a deeper, more emotive timbre. This day supports friendships and to a certain extant romantic interaction (as much as is able with Venus in her fall combust the Sun), though not business interactions quite as much.

In the afternoon, she will conjoin the fixed star Sirius. Sirius was an especially sacred star to the Ancient Egyptians, whose heliacal rising in the summertime marked the new year and the annual flooding of the Nile. Like the fertilizing waters of the Nile, this was said to indicate riches and an increase in abundance and opportunity.

In the morning, the sextiles to the Sun, Mars, and Venus will be perfected. The sextile to the Sun creates sympathy and cooperation between our own desires and agenda and what our environments and circumstances will actually support. Whatever kind of work you decide to do today, you can expect it to be productive, and for there to be general harmony around you.

The sextiles from Venus and Mars this morning will bring people related to those planets into our lives in some capacity. If you have friends or coworkers who resemble the signatures of Venus or Mars or have these two planets dominant in their charts, you can expect to be on agreeable terms with them today. On a more psychological level, you may find that the work or activities in which you engage are emotionally satisfying, or that deeper harmony has developed between your will and the wills of others.

Lastly, the Moon forms an opposition to Saturn today. Since both the Moon and Saturn are essentially dignified, and Saturn is retrograde, I wouldn’t expect this to be too debilitating. Still, you may find either repressive, Saturnine people or repressive, Saturnine thoughts getting in the way of your emotional flow at some point. If you have strong Saturn energy in your chart, or are prone to Melancholy, you can wear stones to Saturn today such as black tourmaline or blue Sapphire to ward off that influence.

Today Venus and Mars enter their aporroia period. The peak of the aspect is over, and now the experiences you have related to these two planets will take a more inward, reflective tone, and there will be fewer and fewer external events or situations occurring related to it.