The Motions of the Moon - August 28th, 2019

Wednesday, August 28th

The Moon entered into Leo late last night. Like yesterday, today will be a quieter day, as the Moon only forms one aspect. The Leo Moon is much different in character than the Cancer Moon. For each, emotional life and emotional well-being are very important, but the Leo Moon externalizes this energy. You may find your spirit uplifted, and you may be more extroverted and feel more confident taking up space than you normally would. Additionally, your day may be busier and more hectic than it normally is, as the fiery nature of Leo attracts a wide range of experiences and a fast-paced timbre.

Alas, the Moon is not configured to her ruler the Sun by a whole sign aspect, and so they are averse to each other. Inspiration or possible leads that come to you during this time will be less likely to turn into anything promising. If you need help, you will probably have to do more legwork to receive it.

On its own, the Sun-Moon aversion means that this is not a good day for the general alignment of our will and the events and circumstances that come to us. These days are on average less productive, and you will save yourself a headache if you resign yourself to getting less done. You may want to engage in practices and work that develop and perfect yourself (Sun in virgo), but find all sorts of events and circumstances related to your emotional life coming up that keep you from doing so (Moon in leo).

The one aspect the Moon makes is her trine to Jupiter. I have spoken before of Moon-Jupiter trine in terms of emotional buoyancy and general feelings of well-being, and this holds true here too. Additionally, you may find teachers and guides coming into your life to offer you help and support, or simply to be a comforting presence.

Because this is a fire-sign trine, expect the significations to happen quickly and suddenly. The fiery nature of this aspect is helpful for Jupiter’s energy to come through, as Jupiter rules the Fire-Trigon by nighttime, but sometimes this avenue for help can be jarring to the Moon. You may find yourself taken off guard by whomever or whatever comes to you from Jupiter.

The proactive astrologer will also notice that the Moon is copresent with Mercury today in Leo, though this does not technically count as an aspect since Mercury will leave Leo and enter into Virgo before the aspect perfects. While you may have a somewhat easier time expressing yourself with others, the outcomes between the Moon and Mercury “conjoined” here will not extend past that.