The Motions of the Moon - August 29th, 2019

Thursday, August 29th

The Moon traverses through the final portion of Leo today, entering into Virgo around 8:00 PM EST. Like Tuesday, the Moon is again void of course throughout the day. This is again a day that will be better spent on self-work and contemplation than trying to make anything major happen in the world. If you must work, do more personal, organization, or clerical work as opposed to anything more public and social.

Early in the morning, Mercury will ingress into his rulership and exaltation of Virgo. This placement is highly auspicious, especially for people with a strong Mercury emphasis in their chart. Our minds will be sharper, communication will be easier – both at the office and between friends – and cars and other tools for travel will operate more smoothly. For businesses, Mercury placed in Virgo is excellent for promotional work and sales, but still hold off on anything major until the Moon is better situated.

On a more psychological level, Mercury in Virgo will contribute to your ability to manage details and complete a larger number of smaller tasks. You may be more prone to study, but not the study of something abstract and theoretical – more so the study of something mechanical and useful. Maybe you will want to learn how to cook, or work with cars. Spiritually minded people would be well served to learn a new spiritual practice – maybe a new kind of meditation or Reiki.