The Motions of the Moon - August 30th, 2019

Friday, August 30th

Today the Moon travels through Virgo. Expect the circumstances and situations to be busy and productive. This is a good day to work and create change in the material world, especially anything involving refinement, optimization, etc. Now is the time to edit and perfect. Additionally, self-examination, journaling, etc. can be effective during this period– if you work for a company, maybe ask your boss for an evaluation.

Before I discuss the aspects that the Moon makes today, I want to mention something about the major Virgo Stellium that has developed, with five of the seven traditional planets occupying this sign. These kinds of emphases on Virgo and Virgo-like practices and experiences are all the more heightened during this period. In a word, it will be hard for all of us to not embody the Virgo archetype to some extant in our behavior – hard-working, perfectionist, analytical, etc. This is an excellent time to do evaluations in your life: ask what can be changed, what should be changed, and how to improve. Do this methodically with every aspect of your life.

As the Moon will conjoin four other planets today in Virgo, it will be difficult to disentangle their significations, and you may find for yourself that everything happens all at once, or that the different aspects blend with each other in ways that are unique to you. In what follows, I will delineate each of the conjunctions one by one, but you should expect some bleed-through effects between these aspects during this day.

The Moon made her first aspect to her ruler Mercury late last night. Throughout this day, speaking from a place that is more heart centered and from your emotions will be easier. Self-expression in general will come more naturally. This is a good day for conversations with friends and family. This aspect is also supportive for the significations of Mercury – intellectual or investigative work will be supported today.

Thereafter, at 6:00am EST, the Moon will conjoin the Sun today for the new Moon in Virgo. On its own, new Moons are excellent times for setting intentions and getting clear about what strides you want to take in the upcoming month. The placement in Virgo allows you to be more methodical and exact with your intentions. New Moons are also auspicious insofar as they fully harmonize our own will and desires with our environment; unless you have a lot of planets in Gemini, Sagittarius, or Pisces, you can expect things to run smoothly in general for you today.

 Around the same time, the Moon will conjoin Mars. This is a great indicator for stores of energy today, and another indicator that today will be productive, as the heat and power of Mars provides us with greater initiative and drive to accomplish things. However, this aspect can also shorten tempers and make people more disagreeable to each other. But the fact that they are both received by their ruler Mercury, and the fact that the Moon will conjoin Venus later help to ameliorate the downsides of this aspect.

Finally, the Moon-Venus conjunction will occur around 2:00pm this afternoon. Besides easing the Mars aspect, I do not foresee this aspect doing much, since Venus is in her fall and combust. Some friendly, Venusian people may come into your life, but your interactions will be weighed down by details, planning, etc. The natural heart-opening interactions Venus signifies will not be as likely to occur.

All in all, unless you consciously choose not to leave your house today, chances are that this day will be very busy and productive. That all these things are happening in Virgo strongly indicates effort and hard work will be involved. But the fact that these planets are all hosted by Mercury is a guarantee that you will see practical results and returns for the work that you put in.

I will save the Moon’s other two aspects to Jupiter and Saturn for tomorrow when they perfect.