The Motions of the Moon - August 31st, 2019

Saturday, August 31st

The Moon continues to travel through Virgo, allowing us the opportunity to perfect and optimize the way we live our lives. Editing work, cleaning, honest self-reflection, and strides to maximizing efficiency will be very effective now. The fact that the Moon is co-present with her ruler is a strong indicator that the work of this day will turn out well.

At this point, the Moon has broken free of the beams of the Sun and emerged in her waxing crescent phase. The period after the new Moon while the Sun and the Moon still occupy the same sign is generally considered favorable, notwithstanding their own sign and house placements.

The Moon forms a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius today. Psychologically, this can bring some wavering confidence, which in Virgo can turn into complete self-doubt. This can also bring in teachers and authorities who help us, but not necessarily in an easy way. Someone may speak into your life in a way you dislike. If you do decide to ask your boss for an evaluation, you may get some blunt, but helpful feedback.

The Moon also forms a trine to Saturn in Capricorn. Psychologically, this can provide groundedness and a feeling of emotional security. You may feel more reserved and calmer, and the earthy nature of Virgo will fortify this as well. Saturnine people such as elders and more distant authority figures may come into your life in ways that are helpful and supportive.

Several other noteworthy developments occur with the other planets today. Most importantly, Mars has entered into his cazimi period with the Sun.  This is a strong intensification of Martial themes. This is an excellent day to push oneself and work hard, as the Mars cazimi provides a strong influx of energy and motivation, and the placement in Virgo will direct this energy towards practical matters. Like yesterday, you may have some difficulties with your temper and with anger.

Additionally, two of Venus’ aspects have entered their engagement period, when the aspects come within 3 degrees. Venus’ square to Jupiter is classically still considered fortunate since both planets are benefic. This indicates good fortune, acquisition, and prosperity. But the square can create some instability and impermanence of the good that comes from this – don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

Second, Venus’ trine to Saturn has entered its engagement period. Classical authors also considered this harmonious. The social intelligence of Venus well-paired with the wisdom of Saturn makes people with this natal placement excellent negotiators and managers. For business owners now, this is a good time to meet with your team and plan the direction of your company.

Saturn here will also help to lift Venus up from her fall in Virgo. For the next few days, if your relationship has been struggling, you may find some helpful outside advice. Artists may get a flash of insight for their work.

Finally, Mercury – in addition to being closely combust the Sun – has come within three degrees of Mars. This may make you bolder in expressing your ideas, and since Mars is so powerful right now you may find yourself particularly prone towards argument and disagreement. This is an excellent time for research, as the passion and fire of Mars provides Mercury with ample resources to learn and explore new things.