The Motions of the Moon - August 4th, 2019

The Moon will enter into Libra around nine in the morning eastern standard time. Moon in Libra offers us social circumstances and the opportunity to engage with friends and allies who support your work.

All dialogue and all sorts of encounters with the other are supported here. It may be over lighthearted, trivial matters, as the airy, social nature of Libra lends itself towards relating and harmonizing for its own sake. But this energy may stir up issues of greater weight, typified by Libra’s connections to Law and Justice.

For the most part, Libran Moons are uplifted, nurturing, and supportive of positive actions and good luck. These next few days have the potential to really shine for us, as the Moon makes several aspects throughout her stay in libra that can really encourage the most positive parts of this period to come forth.

First and most importantly, as the day goes by the Moon will be applying a sextile to Venus, her host in Leo. Because Venus aspects the Moon for the duration of her stay in Leo, classical astrologers maintained that Venus was more easily able to provide the Moon with the resources to complete her agenda.

For us, this means our plans and intentions to actualize this potential will be more likely to succeed. You may be more likely to following through with the social arraignments you make, or feel more at ease confronting something than usual.

You can also currently find Venus combust the sun – whatever engagements or arraignments you may will be more likely to happen behind closed doors or in the privacy of your own home, as opposed to a coffeeshop or conference room.

Alongside Venus, the Moon will apply another sextile to the Sun. The sun-Moon sextile denotes a general sympathy and harmony between the king and queen of heaven. When the two lights operate harmoniously, our environment (Moon) and intentions (sun) are more likely to coincide – better fortune, more synchronicity, etc.

Additionally, the harmony between these celestial monarchs can be understood analogically to the domestic bliss or discord of a married couple: when our astral parents squabble, we all feel it, but their harmony creates more peace within us.

There is one final positive aspect that the Moon will make – a sextile to Jupiter. This aspect can create emotional buoyancy within ourselves. Besides our environments, body, and fortune, the Moon also rules our emotions, and Jupiter provides the Moon with emotional strength and hardiness – her spirit is uplifted, and she will not be as easily brought down by her circumstances. Expect more confidence and trust in yourself.


Saturn and Mars each regard the Moon during her stay in Libra. People who are familiar with the lingo of classical astrology will recognize the square that Saturn casts as striking with a ray, a particular form of maltreatment. While a Moon that has been struck with a ray by Saturn can in some cases become quite debilitated, in this case the essential dignity of Saturn in Capricorn and his retrograde status make him fairly harmless. Still, be on guard for negative self-talk or shaming, especially if you’re already prone to it. As for Mars, the overcoming trine he will form comes into play tomorrow, but it need not be worried about today.

Besides the Moon, Venus and the Sun are applying overcoming trines to Jupiter. By the aspect with the Sun we will again find ourselves with more confidence. Additionally, a sense of inspiration about the future and the possibilities of life will continue to build until it separates.

Venus amd Jupiter in trine will provide harmony and sympathy within close immediate relationships, as well as good fortune.

Our final aspect: Mercury continues to pass through the final decan of Cancer. His aspect to Saturn is continuing to flow forth (“separate” in medieval astrology), but at this point the effects should be diminishing, unless you have an important planet in the final portions of Cancer in your own chart. If you felt like the black cat of Saturn had gotten your tongue (especially regarding any issues related to expressing your emotions), I’d imagine it has let go by now.


In other astrological news, Jupiter and Saturn conjoin each other’s antiscia today in Sagittarius and Capricorn. While planets in these two signs were classically considered to be averse to one another, the antiscia provide an avenue for them to aspect each other in a secret, or unexpected way. This will be a good day for managers or people who have employees – today is an excellent opportunity to lay out your exact expectations and demands while staying uplifted and without losing your center.

Especially Positive day for Native with:

  • Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or in Libra or Leo

  • Venus in Leo or Libra

  • Jupiter in Libra or Sagittarius

Positive day for Natives with

  • Native with Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Jupiter in Gemini or Sagittarius

  • Jupiter in Leo

Tricky day for natives with:

  • Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Aries, Cancer, or Capricorn

  • Mars in Aries, Cancer, or Capricorn

  • Saturn in Aries or Cancer