In Praxis, we focus completely on maximizing the efficiency, productivity, and value of your business or corporation through astrology. I provide a certain amount of services for your business every month in exchange for a monthly fee. These include, synastry, electional, and natal astrology.

This program is excellent for busy business owners who are less interested in understanding the mechanics of astrology for themselves and just need an expert to do it for them. This service is especially useful for businesses going through a transitional or pivotal period.

Pricing depends on the amount of readings purchased per month.

  • Basic – 600 USD/month

    • three readings per month

  • Advanced  – 1000 USD /month

    • five readings per month

  • Unlimited – 1500 USD /month

    • any number of readings per month

I also provide a monthly transit report and several horary readings to clients who sign up for this program.