Electional astrology


Electional astrology is the practice of determining the best astrological time to begin an activity. This is one of the oldest forms of astrology: sovereigns and rulers have traditionally consulted astrologers for the proper time to begin any endeavor, and recognized the necessity of waiting until the stars were properly aligned and planetary energies supported it. You may read in history books of people waiting for the proper celestial omens or configurations to engage in battle or conduct a pivotal negotiation: this is electional astrology.

Entrepreneurs have consulted me for elections regarding the beginning of new businesses, lectures series, course launches, and a host of other things. Any time you want to ensure the success of an endeavor, electional astrology will be there for you. Depending on what you want emphasized and strengthened in a chart, I will look to given time periods to determine the best planetary position for the endeavor at hand.

This task is labor intensive and appropriate, ethical completion is a meticulous enterprise, and so a reasonable amount of time in advance to the potential start dates is required before I will accept the request.

Natal Astrology


Natal Astrology is the investigation of planetary positions upon the moment of an individuals birth in order to determine psychological temperament, life path, and fate.

In addition to providing information about a person’s psychology and temperament along the lines of more modern schools of astrology, I use classical astrological techniques to produce information about one’s life path and purpose. By supplying me with information about when and where you were born, I will see how the heavens were arraigned when you came into the world, and use that information to answer any questions about your calling, fate, and even financial potential.

I also look at the natal or “birth” charts for people’s businesses. Your business has its own natal chart which reveals special information about its own strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, many times people bring me the natal charts of potential clients and business partners in order to receive astrological input ahead of any important decisions or meetings.



Synastry is a subfield of natal astrology which investigates the compatability and interactions of two people according to their personal natal charts. With synastry, you have the potential to know what sort of relationship you will have with another person before you even meet them.

Frequently, coaches and clients consult me who are curious about the astrological interactions between themselves and any potential clients. Synastry shows what coaching techniques and approaches a client will be most receptive to, what sorts of strengths and weaknesses they are most likely to have, and whether or not they will “click.” Coaches LOVE synastry because it provides them with a treasure trove of information about their client and how they will interact with each other that deeply informs their first session.

I have also used synastry to determine the profitability and potential success of a business partnership or new hire. By analyzing the aspects and relationships between one of my client and their potential business partner or employee, the stars will tell me if the individuals work styles will cohere well with each other, if they will communicate effectively, or if the partnership will hinder your business and create issues.

horary Astrology


Astrological star charts are famous for determining destinies and dispositions of peoples, places, and things. Most people do not realize, however, that star charts can also be used as an divination technique in a way that is similar to the Tarot or the I Ching. The branch of astrology devoted to divination and using the sky as an oracle is called Horary Astrology.

Horary astrology involves examining the location of all the planets in the sky at the moment I received the question. When a client requests a horary reading to answer a specific question, I will draw up a chart for the moment in time that I have read the question, and the planetary alignment of that very moment will give me a concrete answer.

I most frequently give horary readings to clients who need input on a particular business-related decision. Some common topics include taking business trips or issues related to taxes and finances. Once I had a client who was concerned about her taxes for that year, and the horary chart showed very clearly that she would be audited. Fortunately, she requested the horary with enough time to prepare her records, and when she was audited later that year her preparation eased the process and it ended without any serious repercussions.