The Motions of the Moon - August 6th, 2019.

In the morning EST on August 6th, we will experience the last period of the moon’s journey through Libra. Around 1pm EST, the moon enters Scorpio. The moon’s placement in Scorpio offers us a mixed bag of experience. As the feminine domicile of Mars, the God of war, Scorpio carries significations related to loss, misfortune, and general troubles, but also the depth and wisdom that comes from being put through the ringer, as it were.

With the Moon as the significator of our physical and emotional support structures in this sign, we can be forced to relinquish the things we rely on to get through life, whether they be small comforts or larger things like toxic relationships and addictions. Paranoia and deep fears can arise during this time, as well as apathy and stagnation.

Difficult though this period may be, this period is an excellent time to confront our shadows and attachments. Meditation, therapy, and intense inner work has the potential to take you really far during this time. The buddha was said to be born with this placement – an excellent example of someone who used that energy to work through his own attachments and fears and come to the other side of them.


Fortunately, Mars comes to the moon’s aid in this period by forming a square to the Moon from its placement in late Leo. If one planet in its fall forms an aspect to another planet which rules its sign (in this case the moon in Scorpio to Mars), that planet was said to have aid through this period in its zodiacal journey. For us this means that grace and guidance from outside sources will be available during any difficult times that may occur – we will not have to go it alone.

The square aspect mars makes is traditionally considered hard or difficult – some of the input and guidance given to you may not be to your liking, or very easy for you to receive. Don’t abandon your own truth, but bear in mind that the lesson’s of Scorpio often involve ego-death and the humility that arises from it. Don’t be afraid to humble yourself to what others have to say.

Besides Mars, the moon also makes a square to the Sun. I framed the Sun-Moon sextile earlier this week in terms of domestic harmony – this square will feel like a domestic quarrel. Our intentions (sun) and environments (moon) are less likely to coincide and support each other. You may want to lean into the strongly inspiration and vitalizing energy of the Sun-Jupiter trine, but find circumstances and events surfacing around you that make you confront your own shadow.

And alas, the moon finds little support from Venus, who provides an overcoming square. Some well-meaning people or events may come into your life to offer support, but they may not be able to do much to help. Jupiter also does not form one of the five traditional aspects, and so cannot provide her with support.

We find our support for the moon in Saturn and Mercury for this day, each forming easy aspects to her. The sextile that the Moon applies to Saturn will give some much-needed grounding during this period. It may not uplift you, but it will center you. Mercury in trine will give you more of an ability to express yourself genuinely and openly when needed – if you are a verbal processor, utilize this opportunity.

The positive aspects I mentioned earlier this week – the Sun-Jupiter trine and Venus-Jupiter trine are continuing, both aspects almost complete. The benefits from these aspects are continuing to increase, and so we can use this as an opportunity to stay centered. If you are especially feeling the intensity of scorpio, you can make some offerings to the Sun and Jupiter on these days to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Especially Positive day for Native with:

  • Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Cancer or Pisces

  • Sun, Ascendant, or Mars in Scorpio

Positive day for Natives with

  • Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Jupiter in Gemini or Sagittarius

  • Jupiter in Leo

  • Sun or Ascendant in Leo

Tricky day for natives with:

  • Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Taurus

  • Mars in Aries, Cancer, or Capricorn

  • Saturn in Aries or Cancer